Would you like to play with goats, sheep, and Tajima cattle?
With Tajima cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, wallabies, and ostriches, our farm is home to 7 kinds of animals, with about 70 animals in total. In Japanese, the term “ryo-iku” refers to the idea that children can be encouraged to grow and mature through the extraordinary experience of traveling.
In the modern era, children rarely have the opportunity to play with animals. Such interactions are important opportunities for children to learn the value of life, and respect for non-human living beings.
At the “Tajima Farm Park,” we have continued to provide these opportunities for all. We would welcome your visit, and hope to see you on your next trip to Japan.
Longer stays also possible! The “Makiba no Yado Exchange Center”.
The farm is also home to the “Makiba no Yado Exchange Center” hotel, allowing you to enjoy your stay without any concern for time.
[Japanese-style Rooms] Capacity: 4 or more. 7.5 tatami mats
[Western-style Rooms] Capacity: 4. Single beds provided
   [Main Hall] Capacity: Up to 48 persons
 Amenities: Toothbrushes, Japanese bath robes (adult size), towels, bath towels
 Laundry space, dressing rooms, and more also available.
Enjoy delicious locally grown and raised food at the “Makiba no Yado Exchange Center”!
We welcome visitors to Japan with foods that use our wealth of local produce, including Tajima beef and snow crab, a winter flavor.
   <Budget Guide…1 night, includes dinner and breakfast the next morning>
 1 adult… ¥16,000+ (Including tax)
 Children (ages 6-12 or under)… ¥12,800+
 May vary seasonally.
Please contact us at the following for reservations:
Facilities include a ski slope and BBQ space!
At the “Tajima Farm Park,” visitors can enjoy skiing in winter, as well as sledding on artificial turf in less snowy seasons. We also offer many leisure facilities, such as a BBQ space and tennis courts! Take an entire day to enjoy yourself!
We recommend using the direct “Special Express Bus” from Osaka and Kyoto!
The Special Express Bus from Osaka and Kobe takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the farm, and come with our recommendation! Advance reservations are required; please contact the “Zentan Bus Co.” (Phone: 079-662-2131) to make reservations.
Otherwise, the farm can also be reached using a combination of buses and trains, as shown below. While the location is far from city centers, our visitors always leave satisfied. We hope to see you soon!
▼Access by Train and Bus
We recommend using the direct “Special Express Bus” from Osaka and Kyoto!
Address: new spa town stand 1033, Mikata-gun, Hyogo Prefecture.
Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (Closed: Thursdays)
Entry Fee: None (Free parking also provided)
Phone number: 0796-92-2641
Email: mail@tajimabokujyo.jp